Meet Dolce and Baron

Princess Dolce

Princess Dolce

Dolce is a beautiful, pure-bred German Shepherd who was adopted from a pet rescue by Carole and Andy in 2007 when she was two years old. When Carole first met Dolce, she was sick, malnourished and weighed only 52 lbs. Before she was rescued, she was found tied to a tree for several days in the hot Florida sun without food or water. To make the situation worse, there was another larger dog tied to the same tree that beat up on her.


When Dolce met the Pecks, she didn’t know what a ball was or even how to play. Now she is catching Frisbees. Little did we know how smart Dolce was - she has learned our every routine at home and office. In the morning, we’ll say, “Let’s go to work.” They’ll trot out to the car, and wait to get in. Dolce jumps in, Baron has a ramp :) When a client is coming in, the protocol is that she and Baron have to go to their cages (their “houses”) and get a cookie. As we set out agendas and prep the office, she leads Baron to the back office where the “houses” are and they wait for their cookies. :) Dolce is a great example of how an abused pet can be adopted and become part of a loving home.

Dolce continues to surprise Carole and Andy every moment. She used to be very afraid of other people, animals, and objects. Now, she is fearless. Dolce is now very comfortable with everyone and often spends the day at our office greeting visitors. Especially those who bring cookies. Dolce is our COO - “Chief Operations Officer” - She watches and analyzes everything that is going on. She is one smart girl!

Carole and Andy’s patience and understanding with Dolce, have transformed her into a completely different dog. Now that she feels safe, has a great home with two loving parents and a brother (Baron), she can truly enjoy herself. With so many loving pets available to rescue, we hope others will make the decision to bring an adopted pet into their lives.


"Baron Von Peck"

Baron Von Peck

Carole and Andy adopted Baron, a male, pure-bred German Shepherd in August 2008 when he was four months old. Baron was never abused and came from a good home with the best of intentions. Sometimes people underestimate the fact that puppies have an overwhelming amount of energy and require a lot of attention.

 Dolce and Baron play very well together. One day, when Baron was only a few months old, Carole took the dogs to a nearby field to let them run around. When she called the dogs back, Baron’s puppy instincts were preventing him from listening. Dolce realized Baron didn’t understand, so she herded him back to Carole. Dolce feels like her “job” is to take care of Baron. Seeing this kind of interaction between the dogs reinforces to Carole and Andy that adopting a second German Shepherd was an added benefit for all.

Baron visits our office daily with Dolce. He lies at the front door and watches all who walk by. We call him our CSO - “Chief Security Officer” - No solicitors get by him! Thankfully for Carole, they are both on the same play & nap time schedule. Baron is now 110 pounds, but still a playful puppy. He loves to roll in the grass and have his belly rubbed. Baron has an incredible sense of scent - so much that he sometimes gets so focused in his tracking that we have to tell Dolce to herd him back to “the pack”. Who is the pack leader—Andy, of course! :)

With so many loving pets available to rescue, we hope others will make the decision to bring an adopted pet into their lives.


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