Your Divorce, Your Choice

The emotions you'll experience when going through a divorce can make it difficult to grasp everything your lawyer or tax advisor tells you. But not paying attention could have long-term financial implications after your divorce is final. Think of a divorce as the biggest business transaction of your life. Not being fully prepared with the best team on your side, can lead to financial regrets later.

Carole J.A. Peck, MBA, CFP®, CDFA™, CAS®, CEP® will help you to analyze a financial settlement that will work for years after, as well as, during the divorce process. This is done by examining your lifestyle needs post-divorce, making sure a proposed settlement will help provide a secure financial future for you.

Carole Peck Financial Center can provide an objective viewpoint in an emotional situation, and expert financial advice about your special financial needs. We can also help you understand:

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ with over 30 years of financial experience, Carole can help clients avoid the common financial pitfalls of divorce by offering valuable insight into the pros and cons of different settlement proposals. On numerous occasions, Carole has been interviewed by local and national media as a financial expert on divorce financial advice.

We invite you to take advantage of the comprehensive resources we can offer. Below are some worksheets and checklists to help you get started. Please contact our Client Service Center at (800) 525-7526 or by email at to discuss how we can help you with your financial decisions.

Note: Carole Peck is NOT AN ATTORNEY AND DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. All information she provides is financial in nature and should not be construed or relied upon as legal [or tax] advice. Individuals seeking legal [or tax] advice should solicit the counsel of competent legal [or tax] professionals knowledgeable about the divorce laws in their own geographical areas. Divorce Financial Planning is a fee-based process that does not involve investment advice or securities transactions.

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